Family vacation at Disney's Aulani Resort

My wife and I recently went to Disney's Aulani Resort with her whole family.  The resort is only 35 miles from our house so I didn't really see any birds that I don't already see on a regular basis.  But what I did have was some free time to actually get out and take some pictures.

I'm no landscape photographer.  I haven't even got the right lenses for decent landscape work.  This is the best I could do with my 70-300mm.

This image was taken near noon and the lighting was harsh.  Obviously, this has blown out the background but you need a lot of light to really bring out the color in a Red-vented Bulbul.  In poorer lighting, they usually look completely black except for the red vents.

I have no idea what this Pacific Golden Plover is eating for breakfast.

This Red-crested Cardinal was enjoying an early morning bath.  There was also a Red-vented Bulbul just out of the frame sharing the water.  This was taken just after sunrise so the lighting was a bit tricky.

I really like this image of a Pacific Golden Plover against the crashing surf.  In reality, the surf was not very big at all and I had to wait for a big enough wave to show up.  This plover is already in his breeding plumage and getting ready to fly to Alaska for the summer.  There was a flock of plovers near the water.  Normally, they're very territorial and I don't think that I've ever seen a group of plovers together.