The Blue Angels perform in Hawaii

How odd, my first blog post on my new site and it's not about wildlife at all.  The Navy's Blue Angels performed at Joint Base Peal Harbor this weekend and as always put on a thrilling show.  These photos are from the show on Saturday, 9/27.

Before the show, the F-18C Hornets are lined up on the flight deck.

Whenever one of the flight demonstration teams come, one of the big attractions is the static aircraft displays.  They had a number of vintage aircraft as well as the latest aircraft in the inventory on display.  

A T-6, a WWII-era high-performance trainer, was on display.

One of the highlights for me was to see the mighty BUFF and even look into the bomb bay.

A Blue Angels show is about more than just the flying.  Every show begins with the Navy's elite ground crews preparing the aircraft for the pilots, doing the pre-flight checks and the Angels taxiing out.

A crew chief stands at attention waiting for the pilot.

A pilot waves to the crowd and gets a shaka back.

Of course, the real show begins once they're in the air.

The famous diamond formation.

Two Angels making a knife-edge pass.

A "dirty diamond", ie. wheels down, flaps lowered.

Off we go into the wild blue yonder!  Wait, wrong branch.

Coming in for a landing to finish the show.

Finally, I have to mention the excellent organization on the part of the whole base in terms of handling such a large crowd of people.  Despite such a high volume of cars, they kept the traffic flowing smoothly and quickly both entering and leaving.  They got everybody parked with Disney-like efficiency and, when it comes to crowd management, that's the highest praise.