Java Sparrows in the front yard

I've got a bird feeder in my front yard and whenever I fill it up, it does a pretty brisk business.  It usually gets a few Red-crested Cardinals, the occasional Northern Cardinal and a bunch of House Finches.  But mostly it gets whole flocks of Java Sparrows.  Sometimes I'll grab my camera and sit on my porch just a few feet away trying to get good shots.  This morning I ended up with some good ones.

Java Sparrows coming in hot.

A lot of times they land on the utility wire before coming to the feeder.

A juvenile Java Sparrow on the left and an adult on the right.

Mostly they land in tree right in front of the feeder.  Only a couple of birds can fit on the feeder at one time.  The rest of the flock sits in the tree squawking.

A juvenile Java Sparrow nibbling on a leaf.

This was the very first time that I had ever seen any of the birds trying to eat one of the leaves of that tree.

This shot made the whole morning worth it.  The shot could have been better but it's certainly dramatic.  The juvenile was on a leaf that was just barely strong enough to hold it up.  I got this shot while he was trying to maintain his balance.