Northern Shrike

My wife and I took a short trip to Seattle last week and we managed to get out to the Union Bay Natural Area, a small marshland area near the University of Washington.  It's got a couple of short trails and provides a nice bit of nature not far from downtown Seattle.  We'd been there once or twice before and I've gotten a few life-listers there.  On this trip, I got 3 new life listers, including Wood Ducks and Hooded Mergansers.  But the star of the day was a Northern Shrike.

Nearly as soon as we entered the main trail loop, we ran into another birder intently watching a tree.  She told us that a Northern Shrike had been hanging about for a few days and I gather that this is an uncommon bird in that area.  Unfortunately, the shrike was in a clump of trees a bit off the main trail and I didn't want to get off the trail to get closer.  This was the best shot that I got that morning.

I already had a Loggerhead Shrike on my life list but this was my first Northern Shrike.  It's always exciting to get a new life lister and even more exciting when it's a rare or unusual sighting.